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6" Scale Foster 6 n.h.p Agricultural Traction Engine

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Length 98.00" Height 70.00" Width 45.00"

Front Wheel dia 24.00" Rear Wheel dia 36.00"

Stroke 6.1875" Cylinder Bore 4.00" Flywheel dia 27.00"

Working Pressure 120 psi

Based in Lincoln William Foster & Co were one of the most prolific engine builders in this country history, building engines for over fifty years. They also produced tanks for the 1914-18 war, hence the distinguished tank emblem reproduced on the later engines.

The 6" scale Foster although similar in appearance, to the 4" scale model produced by L.S.M. is in fact a replica circa 1896. The engine has been redrawn and reworked to produce a purists engine (the 4" being produced from two different engine ).

There are currently only two engines in steam have been produced from the drawings and castings supplied for this type of engine, with two others currently under construction. Regular attendees of the Great Dorset rally, will over the last few years have seen one of these engines at various stages of build, and in 1997 in its full glory in steam.

The engine featured above was built in Cheltenham completed in 1996 and rallied extensively through out the south west of England in 1997. It is now owned by Noel Kane of Northern Ireland.

6" Foster Parts List P.O.A   
Drawings per set
Steel Boiler (fully certified)  
Front wheels  
Rear Wheels  
Front Tyres (steel rims)  
Rear Wheel Strakes material only
Chimney Tube  
Smokebox Tube  
Smokebox Ring (steel)  
Smokebox Door  
Smokebox Door Ring  
Perch Bracket  
Pivot Bracket  
Chimney Base  
Chimney Ring  
Laser cut front spokes  
Laser cut rear spokes  
Laser cut Hornplates  
Rear Axle Housings per pair
3rd Shaft r/h Bearing Housing  
3rd Shaft l/h Bearing Housing  
Rear Hubs (fabricated) per pair
Rear Hub Plates per 4
Winch Drum Carrier  
Winch Drum  
Brake Disc  
Steering Wheel  
Steering Worm & Wheel fully machined
Steering Brackets per pair
Cylinder Block  
Cylinder Front Cover  
Cylinder Rear Cover  
Cylinder Side Cover  
Crosshead Support  
Wayshaft Bracket  
Crank/2nd Shaft Bearing Housings per pair
Bearing Caps per pair
Regulator Bracket  
Crankshaft Blank  
Eccentric Straps per set
Water Pump  
Water Pump Valves  
Water Pump Clack  
Clack Elbow  
Water Lifter Elbow  
Water Lifter  
Water Pump Elbow  
Injector Clack  
Safety Valve Chimneys  
Safety Valve Spring  
Steam Valve & Carrier  
Governor Base  
Governor Spindle  
Governor Balls per pair
Governor Gears per set
Fast/Slow Change Bracket  
Name Ring  
Spur Gears fully machined
Final Drive Gear Bevels & Pinions fully machined
All the above parts can be supplied fully machined    
Prices on application    


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