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4" Scale Clayton & Shuttleworth 7 n.h.p traction engine

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Length 71.00" Height 49.00" Width 30.00"

Front Wheel dia 16.00" Rear Wheel dia 24.00"

Stroke 4.00" Cylinder Bore 2.875" Flywheel dia 18.00"

Working Pressure 120 psi

The engines built by Clayton & Shuttleworth, featured in this catalogue were built circa 1900. The full size engine used to reproduce the models authentically is owned by the Phelps family of Castle Hedingham in Essex. Originally built as a 6 n.h.p. engine by Clayton & Shuttleworth in 1899, this engine has been used to authentically reproduce the detailed drawings and casting to manufacture the model agricultural engine. The full size engine is still regularly seen on the rally circuit, it has also been featured in the Old Glory magazine.

The road engine featured above is the prototype engine built for Michael Jumpertz, of Germany which has now been transformed into a crane engine. The prototype engine attend The Great Dorset Rally in 1998 and rallies in Germany and Holland before its conversion.

The other variations of engine built by Clayton & Shuttleworth featured as templates in this catalogue have been taken from the 1900 Paris, exhibition catalogue.

Where Clayton & Shuttleworth won the gold medal for their engineering excellence. It is believed that they were the first company to produce various engines from a common set of castings making production methods and construction relatively easy.

4" Clayton Parts List P.O.A
Drawings per set
Boiler (fully certified)  
Hornplates (Laser cut) per pair
Tender Sides (Laser cut) per pair
Gear Guard (Fabricated)  
Front Wheels per pair
Rear Wheels per pair
Front Spokes (Laser cut) 24 per set
Rear Spokes (Laser cut) 28 per set
Smokebox tube & ring  
Chimney Base (cast iron)  
Chimney Ring (cast iron)  
Chimney Tube  
Smokebox Door (cast iron)  
Smokebox Door Ring (cast iron)  
Name Ring (gun metal)  
Perch Bracket (cast iron)  
Steering Ball Joint  
Ball Joint Plate (cast iron)  
Front Axle ( flame cut blank)  
Front Hubs (cast iron) per pair
Front Hub Inner Cover (cast iron) per pair
Front Hub Outer Cover (cast iron) per pair
Rear Axle Housings (cast iron) per pair
Third Shaft Housings (cast iron) per pair
Second Shaft Housings (cast iron) per pair
Crankshaft Housings (cast iron) per pair
Crankshaft Bearing caps (cast iron) per pair
Crankshaft Blank (flame cut)  
Flywheel (cast iron)  
Rear Wheel Hubs (cast iron) per pair
Rear Hub Pair shaped Named Covers (cast iron) per pair
Rear Hub Circular Named Cover (cast iron) per pair
Front Wheel Hub Caps (ali-bronze) per pair
Rear wheel Hub Caps (ali-bronze) per pair
Cylinder Block (cast iron)  
Cylinder Liner (cast iron)  
Cylinder Front Cover (cast iron)  
Cylinder Rear cover (cast iron)  
Cylinder Top Plate (cast iron)  
Cross Head support (cast iron)  
Cylinder Steam Valve Cover (cast iron)  
Cylinder Elbow (cast iron)  
Cylinder Rear Cover Gland (gunmetal)  
Governor Gland (gunmetal)  
Regulator Glands (gunmetal) per pair
Steam Valve Gland (gunmetal)  
Crosshead Slippers gunmetal) per pair
Wayshaft Bracket (cast iron)  
Safety valve chimneys (gunmetal)  
Safety Valve spring  
Spud Pan (Fabricated)  
Governor Base Bracket (gunmetal)  
Governor Gears  
Spur Gears fully machined
Bevel Gears fully machined
Steering Worm & Wheel fully machined
Steering Rod Brackets (gunmetal) per pair
Steering Wheel (cast iron)  
Fire Grate (cast iron)  
Water Pump (gunmetal)  
Water Pump Valve & Clack (gunmetal)  
Injector Clack (gunmetal)  
Injector Clack Elbow (gunmetal)  
Steam Head Valve (gunmetal)  
Butterfly Doors (gunmetal)  
Steam Valve & Carrier (gunmetal)  
Eccentric Straps (cast iron) per set
Winchdrum & Brake (cast iron)  
Winchdrum Carrier (cast iron)  
Differential Lock Carrier (cast iron)  
Fast / Slow Change Bracket (cast iron)  
Fast / Slow Gear Blank (cast iron)  
Fast Gear Blank Change Gear (cast iron)  
Slow Spur Gear Blank (cast iron)  
Fast Spur Gear Blank (cast iron)  
2nd Shaft Gear Blank (cast iron)  
3rd Shaft Drive Gear Blank (cast iron)  
3rd shaft Driven Gear Blank (cast iron)  
Differential Gear Blank (cast iron)  
Bevel Gear Blank (cast iron) per pair
Pinion Gear Blank (cast iron) 3 off material only
Whistle Elbow (gunmetal)  
All the above parts can be supplied fully machined    
Prices on application    


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